In-person And Virtual Wellness Programs!

Drive Transformative Change At Your Organization By Bringing In Well-Known Experts To Virtually Train Your Team On Sleep, Burnout, Stress & More.

Teams Love us At:

virtual and hybrid wellness programs covering:

popular Virtual Wellness Classes for Remote Teams

Mental Health Break

Mental Health Break

2.5 hour experience

Work Smarter

Productivity masterclass

2.5 hour experience

Whole Body Nutrition

Whole Body Nutrition

2.5 hour experience

Team Connect

Fun Wellness Hangout

2.5 hour experience

Powerful 1-hour sessions We Recommend

Team Refresh

Team Refresh Hour

1 hour experience

Mindful Resilience

Mindful Resilience Hour

1 hour experience

Energy Booster

Energy Booster Hour

1 hour experience

Bringing Wellness Into Your Workplace Is Easy with Our Virtual Wellness Solutions

Bring your team together in a new way with one of our corporate wellness programs. Offerings include live private group meditations, customized yoga classes, and more that will help you work smarter and healthier, remotely!

Our Corporate Wellness Program Mission

We believe that every business, no matter how large or small, deserves happy, healthy, and engaged employees. With our virtual wellness solutions, businesses can provide wellness services that help their teams function at their best.

Want a virtual wellness solution for your remotely working team?

We’re here to provide you with customized live sessions on your schedule.

Corporate Wellness Platforms and Apps Just Don’t Cut It

Need A Corporate Wellness Program For A Group Over 500 employees?

We’ve got you covered with world class teachers and a variety of team activities.

We’re even ready to partner with you to help plan and execute your wellness event.

We know that corporate wellness programs are essential to attract the best talent and build company culture. Wellness is important, and we’re passionate about our mission to make it more accessible than ever before.

Our Virtual Team Wellness Programs Focus on:

Mental Health & Mindfulness

Meditate, Breathe, and Connect Their Minds!

Our unique virtual mental health and mindfulness programs are focused on promoting mental health awareness and encourage creative, stimulating mental activities for your whole team. Learn tools to strengthen resilience, hear from experts who have overcome adversity, and enhance the power of your mind.

Mental Health & Mindfulness
Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Strengthening Awareness, Learning, And Empathy.

Now, more than ever before, it’s vital to have authentic conversations about emotional health. Join our highly qualified Organizational and Behavioral specialists for insightful workshop experiences that focus on creating cultures that foster emotional intelligence and inclusion.

Physical Fitness

Stretch, Shake, and Boost Their Endorphins!

Get active and healthy as a team! Whether you’re a weekend warrior or it’s your first time on the mat, our live classes with multidisciplinary movement experts will help you work up a sweat and are guaranteed to leave you with a smile on your face!

Financial Wellness

Financial Wellness

Save, Build Wealth, and Prosper!

Participants will be given the space to unearth their core beliefs around money to identify what ideas have been holding them back and align their goals with their budgets. This workshop teaches financial self-care strategies to reduce money stress and increase financial peace of mind.

Occupational Wellness

Nourish, Maintain, and Focus On Healthy Habits

From your food and the products in your home to finding the most ergonomic work set up for you, learn the importance of what you put into, onto and around your body from certified professionals. These workshops will help your team to create effective, healthy habits for life, regardless of their work location.

The Best In Corporate Wellness

Teams Love Our Virtual Wellness Programs

We’ve worked with dozens of companies around the world and pride ourselves on offering fully customizable virtual wellness packages that your whole team will love, but don’t take our word for it: See what previous clients have to say:


“Remote Team Wellness was fantastic with our team!”

Elle h
Employee Experience Manager at Facebook (Meta)
"I am so grateful to the wonderful facilitators for enlightening us, and helping my team center themselves. I was impressed how the facilitators really engaged the team, and were able to get them to open up, be present and do the exercises. Job well done!"
David k - General Manager at Sensirion
David k
General Manager at Sensirion
"Remote Team Wellness was incredibly helpful for putting together our virtual wellness week from scratch. Tarin and the team saved us countless hours and we're so grateful for their help."
Iraxte M - Communications Officer at COFACE
Iraxte M
Comms Officer at COFACE
“I can’t speak highly enough about Remote Team Wellness and what they brought to our employees with day one takeaways. Just a great concept and a great company to work with.”
Michelle Tipton
Head of Finance, PowerChord

We now Offer Team Retreats & Offsites!

Get back together & make memories

We’ve taken our decade-plus wellness industry experience and combined it with our love of travel to createmagical team experiences that cannot be beat. Join us for a once in a lifetime team retreat that will 10x your company’s cohesiveness. Whether you’re in the United States or Europe or even the Middle East, we’ve got retreat options we’d love to show you for teams of 5 to 150!