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Want to do something fun, healthy and rewarding for your team? Let our virtual wellness event consultants put together an incredible event for your company! We’ve got dozens of unique virtual wellness experts from Sleep Coaches, to Burnout Prevention Experts ready to bring your team to the next level.

Select a time to meet with our virtual events management team and tell us more about your company’s virtual wellness needs to get a free, no commitment proposal.

Why Remote Team Wellness?

Whether your workforce is remote or not, it’s important to invest in your team’s wellness. No company makes that easier than Remote Team Wellness. Make your team’s wellness a priority with Remote Team Wellness:

Customized Care

Every session with Remote Team Wellness is designed to the specifications your team needs to reap the maximum benefits. Our facilitators are trained in remotely executing the same level of attention as in-person sessions.

Pre-vetted expert teachers.

Our CEO and founder is a world-renowned expert in wellness, and she’s painstakingly built a team of expert practitioners to guide your company to better wellness. It took years.

Live-Taught Sessions

RTW is the only platform that offers live-taught sessions. Nothing pre-recorded, no apps for your employees to master. Just show up and enjoy.

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