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Please book a chat with our team to talk about your company’s needs to find your perfect wellness solution. Get our professional wellness recommendations for a one-day retreat, or ongoing monthly wellness plan.

Why Remote Team Wellness?

Whether your workforce is remote or not, it’s important to invest in your team’s wellness. No company makes that easier than Remote Team Wellness. Make your team’s wellness a priority with Remote Team Wellness:

Pre-vetted expert teachers.

Our CEO and founder is a world-renowned expert in wellness, and she’s painstakingly built a team of expert practitioners to guide your company to better wellness. It took years.

Live-Taught Sessions

RTW is the only platform that offers live-taught sessions. Nothing pre-recorded, no apps for your employees to master. Just show up and enjoy.

Customized Care

Every session with Remote Team Wellness is designed to the specifications your team needs to reap the maximum benefits. Our facilitators are trained in remotely executing the same level of attention as in-person sessions.

What Companies Have To Say About Our Corporate Wellness Programs

With fully customizable packages or even one off events RemoteTeamWellness will be something that your whole team will love, but don’t take our word for it:

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Geez. our sessions with Remote Team Wellness have been an incredible asset to our team. We all look forward to Monday mornings for our weekly meditation now. Seriously…this is worth 10x what RTW charge.”

Prakash KFounder of Balance Restaurants

More companies are going to start realizing the need to invest in their teams. Remote Team Wellness is an incredible solution for the future of virtual work.

Ryan RutanCo-founder of
0 (3)

Yoga was always something I wanted to do and I always made excuses. With this being virtual and affordable for my whole team it was super easy to get started and now I’m hooked.

Florian UghettoFounder of EasyWeddingGeorgia

We were all work and no play before Remote Team Wellness. Now we really get along as a team a lot better.

Sean MintonFounder of ResortYouth
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