Frequently Asked Questions

What is virtual wellness?

Virtual wellness is anything that gives your employees access to resources and practices that can help them to take care of themselves, remotely. Virtual wellness is an extension of your previous in-person, or in-office wellness practice with a digital layer that allows distributed workers around the world to join in, virtually.

Virtual Wellness is both a process and an outcome. As a process, people who live a life of wellness actively engage, pursue, and maintain a life of good health. As an outcome, wellness includes a state of measurably positive mental, physical and emotional health.

How much does virtual wellness cost?

We specialize in two main types of services, virtual wellness events that span from 1 day to 1 month, and ongoing virtual corporate wellness programs. Both of our main services are completely bespoke and therefore range in price based on team size, requirements, facilitators involved, subject matter/curriculum and length. 

We pride ourselves on being extremely affordable and when compared to traditional in-office corporate wellness we consistently get feedback that we’re about 10x more affordable than doing an event in-person. To get a custom virtual wellness proposal for your team please email

How do you select facilitators?

Tarin Calmeyer, our CEO is a 10+ year wellness industry expert with a global network of the world’s most talented practitioners and experts. From the festival circuit to keynoting major conferences she has spent the better part of a decade fostering relationships with many of the world’s leading experts in nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, emotional intelligence and more. We lean not only on Tarin’s network, but her reputation and background to create the largest expert facilitator network in all of virtual wellness. 

To be honest, we’re the most comprehensive corporate wellness company on the market now, because we have experts from around the world that are all ready to help your team feel and operate better. We have facilitators for every budget, ranging from little-known experts with not much social media following, to world-renown celebrity expert influencers with millions of fans. It all depends on what you’d like to do.

Which type of wellness program should we start with?

If your company is new to wellness initiatives, we generally recommend starting with a half or full-day Virtual Wellness Retreat for your team to try a variety of wellness sessions from different facilitators and then you can gauge your employees’ interests levels from there.

We send out a survey after each event which gives us more information about what your team likes and wants more of. Want to get a custom retreat proposal from our team?

Shoot an email to and we’ll be happy to put one together for you.

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