Companies are more focused on employee wellbeing than ever, and it’s not difficult to understand why. So we put together a list of our top virtual employee wellness programs.

Most companies have come to realize that their success hinges on the workplace wellbeing of their employees, the main drivers of a company’s success. Since the explosion of remote work, it also makes sense to have virtual wellness programs for employees that are distributed and working virtually. If you’re looking to start investing in virtual employee wellness programs and sessions, we’ve got some amazing recommendations for maintaining an efficient and sustainable work environment, no matter where your teams may be working from.  

Here are 5 virtual employee wellness programs that we think your team would love: 

  1. Virtual Mental Health Seminars

Workplace wellness comes in many shapes and sizes, and there’s no doubt that the workplace can often turn competitive and stressful for many employees. Remote working situations can exacerbate this stress as employees may not find outlets to express their concerns openly. 

In 2020, mental health support went from a nice-to-have to a real business requirement. Fast forward to 2022, mental health is still a top concern for employers. In fact, consulting firm McKinsey and Company showed that over 30% of US employers have added new mental health benefits since last year, with some offering virtual wellness programs to adapt to the remote work environment. 

When employees are subject to high amounts of stress, the chances of burnout become an increasing concern for managers and leaders. Excessive stress is not only damaging to one’s mental health but it can also result in long-term repercussions and health conditions inside and outside the workplace. 

A virtual team mental health session will enable your employees to take intentional wellness breaks during their workdays, and check-in with their wellbeing. Connecting with the mind helps individuals become more aware and consciously navigate through life’s inevitable adversities resulting in more creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience.

Our list of emotional wellness sessions can be found in our page here.

  1. Emotional Wellness Sessions 

Your employees’ emotional health can dictate how well your company is performing, and mental wellness has become very important during covid 19. Emotional health is largely related to performance, motivation, and creativity. With proper support and emotional check-ins, your employee will be more engaged and take greater initiative toward collective goals and tasks.

For the few companies left ignoring their employees emotional health, especially in a remote work environment, those are more keen to put their employees’ mental well-being at risk. And even if trying to achieve optimal emotional wellness may be a bit more complicated, it is just as important and easy to implement as good physical health.

The emotional virtual wellness sessions included in our wellness programs bolster your employees’ level of motivation through awareness, discussions, and practice. The sessions also enable individuals to take confident accountability for their contributions to their professional and personal endeavors. 

If you want to get a look at our emotional wellness sessions, visit our page here.

  1. Wellness at Work Masterclasses

When going through massive organizational changes like hybrid working environments and global pandemics, your best resource is your team. Wellness at work sessions equip employees with resources and tools for being effective and a deeper understanding of proper productive setups. 

In fact, a well-organized, well presented wellness program can help provide employees with the emotional resilience to deal with everyday’s disappointments, failures, or crises that can happen at the workplace or remotely. 

Little things such as the food you eat or the way you sit while working can go a long way in ensuring better health. These virtual wellness sessions allow your employees to learn the best practices of healthy working, regardless of whether they’re working remote or in-house. 

To learn more about the wellness at work masterclass, feel free to visit our page here.

  1. Team Development Workshops

One of the most fundamental aspects of healthy working is to ensure that there’s potential for workers to create and improve employee relationships. Remote working situations can be a great deterrent to team development as there’s no room for people to actually interact with each other in a meaningful way. 

RTW virtual wellness programs provide company’s adapted strategies for stopping the cycle of negative, lonely thoughts that can appear in a remote environment. Our team of experts take over to remove those negative thoughts and break the routine cycle that can lead to isolation and decrease in social interactions. 

Team development wellness sessions aid your employees to find great friends among their colleagues. This cultivates a sense of safety and togetherness, which pays off in increased productivity. 

  1. Virtual Team Fitness Classes

One of the most fun virtual wellness programs we offer is our unique virtual fitness classes for teams. It’s no surprise that sitting all day at work, and a lack of physical activity, especially in remote working conditions, can mean increased employee healthcare costs. Your employees can become more vulnerable to chronic diseases such as heart disease or cancer if they aren’t physically active. So let’s kick things up a notch by regularly scheduling virtual fitness classes for the whole team, led by a revolving list of leading experts that your team can learn from, adapt their lifestyles, and become healthier in months.

Since people are mostly working on their desks, the opportunity for a physical workout is non-existent. Therefore, with virtual corporate fitness sessions, your employees can get up and move to a great exercise routine without having to commit to going to a gym, getting dressed or even commuting anywhere. Our virtual physical fitness programs can include 3, 6, and 12 different teachers over the course of a year, with a wide range of topics that include cardio, calisthenics and more. To learn more about the virtual corporate fitness classes we offer please click here.
If you’re interested in booking either a one-off virtual wellness initiative or long-term transformative monthly virtual wellness programs for your team’s improved health, productivity and morale, use this link to book a chat with our team to get a final quote based on your team sizes, the sessions you’re most interested in and the best possible virtual wellness experts available on the dates you need!