A mental health crisis has surged dramatically in workplaces around the world. If you’re an employer questioning why your employees are less interested or enthusiastic about new projects and tasks, your best guess is that their mental health has declined. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become critical for us to initiate constant mental health and wellness check-ups with our employees. But as more people turn to remote working conditions, it is harder for employers to reach out to their employees and ensure that they’re feeling well enough to carry on with their roles.

Moreover, mental health stigmas and other existing barriers prevent an open and safe discussion for some. As an employer, you may also feel uncomfortable or unable to help others navigate through their troubles. It’s these times when you should facilitate your employees to seek help from licensed professionals. 

Here are some of the best virtual mental health activities in the workplace that you can opt for your teams: 

  1. Mental Health Break 

Statistics have shown that 1/4 of adults suffer from a diagnosable mental health disorder, that’s where guided breathwork can work wonders in alleviating stress and anxiety. A simple change of scene or pace for as little as five minutes can help you reconnect with your mind and figure out certain points in your body where you hold tension. 

With the right virtual mental health service, your team will benefit from a little break from their daily activities to do an interactive and informative session conducted by leading mental health specialists. 

What’s more is that in some companies such as Remote Team Wellness, you have access to keynote addresses on mindfulness and resilience training which will help your team build a stronger mindset, allowing them to approach any adversity with full confidence. 

  1. Burnout to Balance 

Another common condition for remote teams is burnout. Due to the absence of a controlled working environment, your team may be deliberately working after-hours and spending long nights without rest. They may have taken up too much stress on their plates and feel unable to delegate their responsibilities. 

Burnout occurs when a person feels overwhelmed and emotionally drained over time, which generally leads to an important loss of interest and motivation in major life’s aspects, as well as reducing productivity and energy.

To avoid employee burnout, choose this workshop to help your team learn restorative practices for anxiety as well as the best methods for stress management. If you’re interested in booking our Burnout To Balance workshops, please use this link to book a chat with our team

  1. Mind Power Hour 

Most of us tend to wake up, brew a cup of coffee and go right to our desks to start our working day. This practice may seem harmless but it can be a recipe for a mental health disaster in the long-term as starting the day with emails and work is never a good idea for good mental health habits. 

The Mind Power Hour virtual mental health workshop allows you to learn the best ways to start your day or week without over-stimulating or over-burdening your mind. It lets you get in the zone for growth and focus, thus enabling a good and productive work day. 

  1. Team Refresh 

Your team works hard – that’s undeniable. But does your team get enough of a break to relax?

The Team Refresh workshop caters to restoring balance and clarity to your team’s exhausted bodies and minds with a guided yoga and meditation session. It’s a great way to feel refreshed and to start another day of working hard. 

In joining these workshops, you enable a stronger, more active and focused workforce that strives for excellence. If you’re interested in booking our virtual mental health workshops, please use this link to book a chat with our team