Virtual Wellness Events Your Team Will Love!

1- Stress Reduction for Improved Performance

Best for: busy seasons, stressed teams, burnout issues, mental health

Learning to recognize stress symptoms in yourself and others before they become an issue is imperative. In this skills-based and highly interactive training, we discuss the various impacts of stress as well as stress reduction tools that really work.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

2- Team Refresh (Chair Yoga)

Best for: busy seasons, stress relief, burnout, mental health

This session is an interactive mental health break with a guided set of exercises that will help participants to relieve stress and eliminate pain at their desk. Your team will be guided through a yoga-inspired flow for desk workers that will help eliminate pain caused by sitting and increase body awareness. This sequence incorporates movement tips for working well, meditation, invigorating breathwork, and deep stretches.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

3- Nutrition for Busy Professionals

Best for: busy seasons, nutritional wellbeing, lunch and learns.

Our nutrition sessions are designed for people who are busy living their lives while working to maintain a healthy lifestyle but need help making it all work. This session aims to simplify nutrition and provide your team with the tools needed to make healthy eating a no-brainer.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

4- Connection Hour®

Best for: team connection, education and empowerment, emotional intelligence

This is a powerful virtual experience that helps create connected culture by inspiring meaningful conversations. The team gets to know each other on a more personal level while learning how to have better conversations to elevate their own communication skills to form strong authentic relationships where people feel seen, heard, valued. So, it's part learning, part interactive team speed-bonding. This is a 90 minute experience.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

5- Work Well Anywhere Ergonomics

Best for: education and empowerment, lunch and learns

The impact of sitting on your body in the long term. Tips for better posture while working. Exercises to reverse the effects of sitting all day .Setting up a posturally sustainable working environment. Techniques to combat neck and lower back pain. Simple chair stretches and exercises to incorporate into the day. Hacks to keep the body nimble, happy, and healthy at work and beyond.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

6- Financial Wellness

Best for: tax season, lunch and learns, financial wellbeing

Our financial wellness sessions are dedicated to equipping participants with tools for success and education that they need to make great financial decisions for their professional and personal lives. Topics range from uncovering money beliefs through to investment strategies.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10 - 800+ people More Info

7- Navigating Change and Uncertainty

Best for: mergers, acquisitions, times of organizational change

In a reality where change is inevitable - whether those changes are positive or negative, individuals can use psychology and neuroscience to more easily adapt. In this session, we explore the CIRCA model, as a practical method for tackling stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and uncertainty.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

8- Virtual Storytelling – Fast Track Connection

Best for: onboarding, team connection, all hands events

Have you ever wanted to support connection at work or beyond, but you weren’t sure how to foster more meaningful exchanges with people? In this powerful session, you and your team will dive into storytelling in a fun, unexpected way and workshop what will become your signature connective tale. Everyone will leave the workshop with a killer story to share that will support more meaningful interactions.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

9- Mental Fitness Training Program

Best for: upleveling your team, team connection, all hands events

80% of employees are not achieving their true potential. So in a team of ten, eight are struggling to engage, produce, and innovate. What if you could work on the root causes that sabotage performance to create sustainable results? Grounded in the New York Times Best Selling book by Shirzad Charmin, The Positive Intelligence (PQ) training led by a certified expert and supported by the proprietary PQ app does just that. This mental fitness training results in lasting positive habits that improve well-being and strengthen performance.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

10- Emotional intelligence in the Workplace

Best for: times of organizational change, lunch and learns, emotional wellbeing

Learn critical emotional intelligence skills for personal and professional success as well as tools required to understand the importance of Self-Awareness and Self-Management.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

11- Deskercise

Best for: stress relief, beating the Monday blues, physical health

This session is a dynamic combination of strength and mobility focused exercises that focus on building strength and stability with specific awareness around correcting the effects of sitting at a desk all day. All exercises are performed using a desk and chair (space to move required).

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

12- Guided Meditative Doodling Experience

Best for: team connection, stress relief, burnout, mental health

Your mind needs to be refreshed regularly, which is why joining our expert art therapists for a doodling break is extremely beneficial for productivity. It works the area of your brain that activates the right hormones and chemical responses to combat stress and boost creativity. All levels of doodle skills are more than welcome.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10 - 800+ people More Info

13- Guided Sound Journey for Relaxation

Best for: stress relief, relaxation, fully remote teams, mental health

Sound healing is a practice that helps individuals deal with stress and tension by assisting the brain waves to come back to a state of mindfulness. The sound healing experience uses instruments to create a vibration that releases energy, passing a state of ease and harmony on to the listener. Participants are required to wear headphones for the optimal experience.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

14- Gratitude for Wellbeing

Best for: employee appreciation, team connection, special events

This session will not only examine the power of learning to respond rather than react to situations, but will also present the science and benefits of gratitude practices, including actionable ways to bring these two concepts together in your life and work. It’s both for anyone new to the idea of gratitude practices and for people who routinely use positive psychology in their life.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

15- Coping with Grief and Powerful Emotions

Best for: stress relief, change, times of uncertainty, emotional wellbeing

This session explores an empowered and compassion-based approach to healing through grief and loss. Our time together will include reflection, journaling, mindfulness and other wisdom practices that we can apply simply and effectively in our daily lives. We will also explore the grief journey as a door to a deeper and ongoing healing relationship with ourselves, those around us and the wider world.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

16- Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Best for: physical health, stress relief, beating the Monday blues

This practice is a flowing transition of strong yoga poses synchronized with the breath. Designed to progressively open the body, each sequence in a Vinyasa yoga class builds upon the previous, evolving into deeper, more advanced postures as the practice unfolds. (Yoga mat/towel and space to move required).

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10 - 800+ people More Info

17- Guided Self Massage for Stress Relief

Best for: burnout, stress relief, team appreciation, physical health

Our expert will guide participants through massage techniques and pressure points to relieve tension in the body. Participants will leave the session feeling more centered, more grounded, and more connected to their bodies. Self-massage is a useful tool not only in addressing physical aches but also intending to anxiety and burnout. After learning these tools participants will be able to use them whenever necessary.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10 - 800+ people More Info

18- Restorative/Yin Yoga

Best for: physical health, stress relief, winding down the week

This is a practice of gentle yoga poses that focus on rest, held for longer time periods in order to relax the body. This is a slow-paced style of yoga that incorporates principles of traditional Chinese medicine. Postures are held for longer periods of time than in other styles to allow for deep muscle relaxation. (Chair or mat format available)

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

19- Breathing Basics

Best for: team connection, stress relief, lunch and learns, physical health

This session involves participants breathing together with focus on oxygenating the body, clearing out any stuck emotional energy and creating a tangible physiological shift in the individual for mental clarity. In these basic breathwork sessions, participants will be guided through active breathing techniques designed for areas like productivity, relaxation, stress reduction and awareness.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

20- Holistic Wellbeing

Best for: education and empowerment, lunch and learns

The concept of holistic wellness, and the importance of improving wellbeing on a daily basis.The 7 types of wellness and how they each make an impact on creating a healthy work/life balance.Top tips for optimizing your wellness throughout the day.Resources, practices, and tools for building a more effective wellness routine.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

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