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Congratulations! You’ve made an excellent choice to invest in your team’s wellness by bringing in a world-class facilitator to virtually train your team on better wellness practices! These 1-hour classes are excellent for teams who have experienced rapid growth struggles with shifting to virtual and hybrid work environments, and other pains that have come with the explosion of remote work. They’re a low-investment, easy to attend way for your team to come together outside of work, for the common goal of feeling better. Simply scroll down below to select the event you’re most interested in. If you’re looking for something custom, or want to combine events, please email our team at for a custom quote.

After booking our representatives will match your event with leading expert practitioners, and remote team wellness will do all of the scheduling, communication, administrative and organizational efforts on your behalf.

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What’s Next: After booking your virtual wellness event a Remote Team Wellness Event Manager will be in touch to provide you with an invoice and everything you’ll need to ensure a fantastic activity for your group. We will go over all the options and details with you shortly If you have any issues with this order form or need something custom please contact us at

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