Environmental health affects every aspect of health. Maintaining good working environments and conditions lead to better physical, mental, and emotional health. When people like the environment in which they work, they can be more comfortable and productive with not only themselves, but with the people around them as well. Check out some of our virtual team environmental health events below!

Desk Ergonomics

Best for: education and empowerment, lunch and learns

The impact of sitting on your body in the long term. This employee environmental health program equips you with tips for better posture while working, exercises to reverse the effects of sitting all day, how to set up a posturally sustainable working environment, and techniques to combat neck and lower back pain. You will learn simple chair stretches and exercises to incorporate into the day and hacks to keep the body nimble, happy, and healthy at work and beyond in this ergonomics program.

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Holistic Wellbeing

Best for: education and empowerment, lunch and learns

The concept of holistic wellness, and the importance of improving wellbeing on a daily basis. Wellness programs for employees are very beneficial in improving productivity throughout your teams. In this employee environmental health program, you will learn about the seven types of wellness and how they each make an impact on creating a healthy work/life balance, tips for optimizing your wellness throughout the day, and resources, practices, and tools for building a more effective wellness routine.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people More Info

Virtual Wellness Events Your Team Will Love!

We specialize in virtual wellness teambuilding sessions and events for teams of all sizes and distributions. To get started planning your company’s virtual employee wellness events browse through our current top 20 events below and let us know which wellness sessions you’d like to include in your team offerings by getting contact with us to get a formal quote from our team. Don’t see something you’d like? Let us know. We’ve got over 100 different expert wellness facilitators and would love to create your ideal event. 

30+ Wellness events from Stress, Mental Health, Mindfulness & more.

Expert Instructors

Professional Wellness Experts with a Minimum of 10 years of Experience.

Ultimate Engagement

Our Virtual Team Events See 65%-95% Employee Engagement and Satisfaction.

Concierge Service

All Of Our Virtual Wellness Events are Fully Customizable to Your Teams’ Needs.

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