Mental Health

Maintaining good mental health is essential for building high-functioning teams. Research has shown that poor mental health can lead to increased absenteeism, decreased productivity, and physical health problems. By prioritizing mental health in the workplace, employers can not only foster a positive and productive work environment, but also show their employees that they really care about their wellbeing. Check out some of our virtual team mental wellness events below!

Employee Stress Reduction for Productivity

Best for: busy seasons, stressed teams, stressed worker, burnout issues, employee stress, mental health

This employee mental health program helps you to recognize symptoms of stress in yourself and others before they become an issue. In this skills-based and highly interactive training, we discuss the various impacts of stress (employee stress) as well as stress reduction tools that really work for curbing employee stress in hybrid and remote teams.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people

Navigating Change and Uncertainty

Best for: mergers, acquisitions, times of organizational change

In a reality where change is inevitable - whether those changes are positive or negative, individuals can use psychology and neuroscience to more easily adapt. In this employee mental health program, we explore the CIRCA model, as a practical method for tackling employee stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and uncertainty.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people

Mental Health Training Program

Best for: upleveling your team, team connection, all hands events

80% of employees are not achieving their true potential. So in a team of ten, eight are struggling to engage, produce, and innovate. What if you could work on the root causes that sabotage performance to create sustainable results? Grounded in the New York Times Best Selling book by Shirzad Charmin, The Positive Intelligence (PQ) training led by a certified expert and supported by the proprietary PQ app does just that for employee stress and stressed teams. This employee mental health program results in lasting positive habits that improve well-being and strengthen performance.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people

Guided Meditative Doodling

Best for: team connection, stress relief, burnout, mental health, employee stress, stressed teams, stressed worker

Your mind needs to be refreshed regularly, which is why joining our expert art therapists for a doodling break is extremely beneficial for productivity. This employee mental health program works the area of your brain that activates the right hormones and chemical responses to combat stress and boost creativity in order to lower employee stress. All levels of doodle skills are more than welcome.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10 - 800+ people

Guided Sound Meditation for Stressed Teams

Best for: stress relief, relaxation, fully remote teams, mental health, employee stress, stressed teams, stressed worker

Sound healing is a practice that helps individuals deal with stress and tension (employee stress) by assisting the brain waves to come back to a state of mindfulness. This employee mental health program uses instruments to create a vibration that releases energy, passing a state of ease and harmony on to the listener. Participants are required to wear headphones for the optimal experience.

🕒 30-90 minutes 👪 10-800+ people

Virtual Wellness Events Your Team Will Love!

We specialize in virtual wellness teambuilding sessions and events for teams of all sizes and distributions. To get started planning your company’s virtual employee wellness events browse through our current top 20 events below and let us know which wellness sessions you’d like to include in your team offerings by getting contact with us to get a formal quote from our team. Don’t see something you’d like? Let us know. We’ve got over 100 different expert wellness facilitators and would love to create your ideal event. 

30+ Wellness events from Stress, Mental Health, Mindfulness & more.

Expert Instructors

Professional Wellness Experts with a Minimum of 10 years of Experience.

Ultimate Engagement

Our Virtual Team Events See 65%-95% Employee Engagement and Satisfaction.

Concierge Service

All Of Our Virtual Wellness Events are Fully Customizable to Your Teams’ Needs.

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