Monthly Corporate Wellness Programs

Run Corporate Wellness With your eyes closed

Remote Team Wellness is proud to be the first-ever company to offer fully virtual corporate wellness programs.

Because we’re virtual-first we’re able to access a much greater variety of experts for your team, than any traditional corporate wellness provider. This makes us not only the simplest corporate wellness solution to implement but also the easiest wellness program for your staff to engage and stick with. All they need to do is join their monthly wellness events, and we’ll do the rest.

Whether you want to come together more regularly as a team for health and exercise, or you just want to give your employees the tools to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life, our monthly virtual wellness packages are the perfect way for teams both remote, and in-office to get well, together.

Browse our three main packages below and book a free chat with our team to get a customized proposal with pricing and example sessions.

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Our Corporate Programs

1st Package

Basic Virtual Wellness Program


  • A private one hour long, live taught, expert-led virtual wellness session per month.
  • A followup Q/A session with the expert of the month for your team.
  • A corresponding digital wellness guide per month.
  • 1 take-home digital resource from the expert per month.
  • Monthly polling and surveying of the team for feedback.
  • All communication & admin handled by RTW team.
2nd Package

Premium Virtual Wellness Program

Includes all basic package plus:

  • One half-day virtual retreat per quarter included at no extra cost.
  • One fully-managed team challenge per quarter with leaderboard, prizes and all coordination handled by the RTW team. Think a weight loss challenge, or a Get Fit challenge, managed by us.
3rd Package

Chief Wellness Officer Program

Includes all basic package plus:

  • Client receives a dedicated Chief Wellness Officer on their team (part-time) managed by RTW.
  • CWO joins company communications… ie. creating a Wellness Slack Channel.
  • CWO leads company wellness initiatives/challenges from the inside, with daily wellness content.
  • Unlimited custom team challenges managed by CWO.
  • 4 dedicated office hours sessions with CWO for all employees per month.
  • 1 full-day virtual retreat per quarter managed by CWO at no extra cost.